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  1. Merwin: Shakespeare's Fortune and the Best Used Car Deal of All Time
  2. Trout Bug Closeups on Flickr
  3. Upper Mississippi Mayfly Hatch Caught On Doppler Radar
  4. Cermele: New Fishing Road Trip Quiz
  5. The Dirty Water Death Rig: Spaghetti and Meatballs
  6. Cermele: Nebraska Wind in My 'Eyes
  7. TieTalk: How to Tie a Strip Leech
  8. A Bug That Can Change Your Life: Hexagenia Limbata
  9. Merwin: Lighten Up For Largemouth
  10. Romano: Playing with Flies at Work?
  11. Cermele: Does Your Dog Eat Fish?
  12. Deeter: Don't Be a Catch-and-Release Killer
  13. Tie Talk: The One-Terabyte Fly
  14. Cermele: Getting Clotheslined with Braid
  15. Deeter: Why Carp Fishing is More Entertaining Than Soccer
  16. Cermele: Could You Handle the Pressure of Guiding?
  17. Cermele: Gifts That Keep Dad's Fingers Intact
  18. Romano: Caddis Fly "Sculpture"
  19. Deeter: Free Fly Fishing Lessons Courtesy of Orvis and TU
  20. Merwin: Flies or Artificials Only? You Decide
  21. Cermele: Be Considerate of a Fish's Schedule
  22. Romano: Avoid Exploding Float Boats
  23. Cermele: Catch Bass, Skip College Tuition
  24. Deeter: "Fish Quixote" Story Intro Winner Announced
  25. Romano: Free Fly Rod and Reel Setup, Anyone?
  26. Cermele: I Got The (Gulp!) Guts
  27. Deeter: Remembering Fish Most Important
  28. Merwin: The Right Fishing Hat Could Save Your Life
  29. Tie Talk: Whip Finish Like A Pro
  30. Chum, Puke, and Bluefish: A First-Time Angler's Tale
  31. Cermele: Sufix Takes Braid to the Next Level
  32. Deeter: Luck Has Nothing to do With Flyfishing
  33. Tie Talk: Tying Bendable Bodies
  34. New Hook Shots: Walleye Record Quest
  35. Cermele: Take A Kid (Shark) Fishing
  36. Deeter: Sometimes You Have to Become the Bait
  37. Cermele: When You Are Too Lazy to Cast
  38. Romano: Landing Your First 100lb Tarpon, By Hand...
  39. Romano: This Is Fly Revamps Interface
  40. Stuff That Works: Filson Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest
  41. Cermele: Sticking It Old School
  42. Romano: Goofing Around (and Fishing) Gunnison Gorge
  43. Merwin: The Fish that Haunt You
  44. Stuff That Works: The "Brother Hezekiah Munson" Amish Hat
  45. Cermele: Busting Out the Emergency Tackle
  46. Video: World Cup Fly Fishing
  47. Deeter: Will Felt Ever Really Go "Extinct?"
  48. Video Tip from "The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing"
  49. Cermele: The Wonders of ICAST
  50. Cermele: Getting To The New Point
  51. Deeter: Survey Says, Most Anglers Get the Dish from Magazines
  52. Romano: The Importance of Spare Keys
  53. Merwin: How to Break and Not Break Your Fishing Rod
  54. Cermele: You and Your Johnson
  55. Write the Caption, Win a Prize
  56. Tie Talk: Tying a Howell Signature Intruder In Less Than 2 Minutes
  57. Cermele: Brimming with Durability
  58. Cermele: The Benefits of Largemouth on the Dark Side
  59. Deeter: Don't Complain, Just Walk Farther
  60. Stuff That Works: Tecnu Oak and Ivy Skin Cleanser
  61. Merwin: A Compelling Tale of Bluewater Fishing
  62. Deeter: Is Any Fish Uncatchable on a Fly?
  63. Cermele: Lures That Define an Era
  64. Romano: The Art of the Nail Knot
  65. Cermele: Best Goal Celebration Ever?
  66. A Deeter Fly Strategy: Make it a Double
  67. Romano: Former Fly Guide Robs 10 Fly Shops
  68. Has Anyone In History Had a Better Start in Fly Fishing?
  69. Underwater Fish Cam: Bonneville Dam
  70. Cermele: Find Gore-Tex Pin Holes with Alcohol
  71. Deeter: The Lost Art of Swinging Wet Flies
  72. Romano: Pillow Talk Video
  73. Merwin: Lose Your Fear of Light Tippets
  74. Cermele: Top Five Reasons to Buy a Really Fast Boat Motor
  75. Deeter: Camo Can't Fix Shadows (But Smarter Casts Can)
  76. Cermele: Dead Cats Make the Best Eel Baits
  77. Romano: Smallest Fish Wins It
  78. Merwin: A Big Week for Pro Bass Fishing
  79. Deeter: Trout Aren't Predators...Right?
  80. New Hook Shots: Montana Carp on the Fly
  81. Romano: Free Reel Ringtones from Nautilus
  82. Cermele: New Maryland Record Cat Has Me Thinking
  83. Deeter: Caption Contest Winner Announced
  84. Cermele: I Don't Get Paddle-Board Fishing
  85. Tie Talk: The Interlocking Wing
  86. Cermele: Bare Hands and Urine, a.k.a. How Bear Grylls Shark Fishes
  87. Merwin: We Need Studs on Boot-Foot Waders
  88. Seizing the Day in the Dirty South Platte
  89. Cermele: The Sexiest Fly on Green Turtle Cay
  90. Fly Casting at 500 Frames Per Second
  91. A Movie Trailer for "The River Why"
  92. Is Catch and Release "Playing With Your Food?"
  93. Man Loses Finger While "Fishing" for Eel
  94. Steelhead Tactics: Cast, THEN Step
  95. Merwin: Righty or Lefty for Baitcasting?
  96. Cermele: Cooking Your State Record Catch
  97. Deeter: How Quickly Can You Land a Fish?
  98. Cermele: Getting Looney with Lure Color
  99. Caption Contest: Write the Best, Win a Book
  100. Stuff That Works: The Autumn Splendor
  101. Cermele: Fish or Animal Taxidermy. Which is Harder?
  102. Cermele: The Old Fake Shark Fin in the Harbor Trick
  103. Steelhead Tactics: Manage That Piled Running Line
  104. Cermele: Fishing in the Living Room
  105. Deeter: New Fly Rods are Tougher than Ever
  106. Tie-Talk: The Double-Hitch Tie-Off Knot
  107. New Hook Shots: No (Bonefish) Country for Old Men
  108. Tippet Tip: Step Down in Size Gradually
  109. Fly Talk Caption Contest: And the Winner is...
  110. More Bahamas Bonefish Video: Andros Island
  111. Why Gobies Grow Big Bass
  112. The Best Fly Fishing Place, at the Best Time of Year?
  113. Late Summer Fly Fishing Slide Show
  114. Cermele: "It's Been a Good Day Fishing When" Contest
  115. Deeter: Are Bass Pros Afraid of Fly Rods?
  116. Romano: International Fly Tackle Dealers Show Report (Part I)
  117. Merwin: Go to Niagara, But Not For the Falls
  118. Deeter: Fly Trade Show Laden with Solid Products
  119. Cermele: "It's Been a Good Day Fishing" Contest Winner
  120. Cermele: Using Catfish to Catch Smallmouth?
  121. New Gear From the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
  122. Cermele: Remember That Goldfish You Flushed?
  123. Deeter: Use Binoculars to Help Select Your Fly
  124. Romano: New Entertainment for the Fly Crowd
  125. Cermele: Grab a Marker, This Needs Some Color
  126. Deeter: Is it Time for "Dry Fly Only" Regulations?
  127. Merwin: Martinis, Rapalas, and Early Fall
  128. Stuff That Works: The Brodin Ghost Net
  129. Cermele: Lures that Consistently Disappoint
  130. Romano: More Sexy New Fly Videos
  131. Cermele: One Chance at Off-Limit Water
  132. Caption Contest: Write The Best, Win an Orvis Hat
  133. Tie Talk: The Collared Leech
  134. Cermele: A Skinny Little Creature, Part 1
  135. Romano: Fishing Tale of Survival...Colorado Trout Sushi
  136. Merwin: For the Expert Coffee Spiller
  137. Deeter: Learning From the Fly Talk Readers
  138. Cermele: Does Being a "Green" Angler Mean Sacrificing Fish?
  139. Romano: More New Gear From the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
  140. Cermele: A Skinny Little Creature, Part II
  141. Deeter: Name Your Fly Rod, Win a Prize
  142. Deeter: 3M Acquires Ross Reels
  143. Cermele: Welcome to October. Let's Go Fishing
  144. Deeter: Caption Contest Winner Announced
  145. Merwin: Would You Drink from This Brook?
  146. Deeter: Your Fly Line is Your Golf Ball
  147. Cermele: How Not to Introduce a Newbie to Fishing
  148. Deeter: Get Me To Rio for Wild 'Bows
  149. Cermele: Is $32K Too Much for a Man Cave Decoration?
  150. Romano: Vintage Hardy Tackle Video
  151. Cermele: Eat Healthy, Eat Power-Plant Fish
  152. Deeter: I Love "Garden Hackle"
  153. Romano: Short Sticks for Tiny 'Cricks
  154. Merwin: The Most Useful $100 I Ever Spent
  155. Deeter: The Perfect "10" Fishing Day
  156. Cermele: The Difference Between Fishing and Stalking Fish
  157. Romano: Midcurrent Sheds Light on Fly Fishing Queries
  158. Cermele: The Ugly Truth About Hook Removal
  159. Deeter: Converting Bears to Fly Fishing
  160. Romano: To Film or Catch Tarpon?
  161. Cermele: Fly Like Oprah
  162. Deeter: The Best Salmon of All on a Fly... Silvers
  163. Merwin: Convertible Fly Rods Might be Making a Comeback
  164. Romano: Midcurrent.com's 2011 Fly Fishing Gear Guide
  165. Stuff That Works: The DeHavilland Beaver
  166. Romano: Snap T / Circle Spey Basics
  167. Cermele: Testing the G. Loomis NRX
  168. Cermele: The Glory Days of Giant U.K. Bluefin
  169. Deeter: I'll See You in Texas... and Kentucky!
  170. Cermele: An Affordable Custom Stick for Trout Nuts
  171. Romano: More Fly Fishing Photography Tips
  172. Merwin: What Will Happen To Your Gear When You're Gone?
  173. Deeter: Fly Fishers, What's Your Cause?
  174. Cermele: Deep-Fried and Breathing
  175. Tie Talk: Three Materials for Six Midges
  176. Cermele: Hold My Beer While I Mount this Trout
  177. Deeter: Does Your Reel Matter?
  178. Romano: Winter Inflatable Boat Storage Tips
  179. New Hook Shots: Yo. The Blitz is on in "Joisey"
  180. A Little "Slow Time" Fly Fishing in Kentucky
  181. How To Dye Deer Hair With Kool-Aid for Flies and Lures
  182. How Do You Spool Up?
  183. The World's Strangest Trout
  184. I'm Not Seeing Oil, But I Am Seeing Red
  185. Oprah Winfrey Tries Her Hand at Fly Fishing, Deeter Gets the Scoop
  186. Ask Away... Deeter to Answer Fly Fishing Questions on Internet Radio
  187. I'm Not Seeing Oil, But I Am Seeing Red
  188. Doctor Gulp's Most Frequently-Asked Questions
  189. Double Rainbow...Trout?
  190. Etiquette Question: How Much Space Should You Give?
  191. Are Browns The Smartest Trout?
  192. Put a Bullet in front of that Streamer
  193. Do You Have a Fly Fishing Playlist? (Revisited)
  194. If the House is Ruined, You Might as well Fish
  195. Write the Caption, Win Cool Threads
  196. Body Lotion, Ketchup, & Other Stuff Not in Tackle Shops
  197. Stuff That Works: Fishpond Marabou Vest
  198. Why I No Longer Attend Cocktail Parties
  199. Utah Group Sues Over River Access
  200. Book Review: Montana's Best Fly Fishing
  201. Bass Pro Dave Wolak on Dead Grass and My Poor Flipping Ability
  202. Behind the Scenes: Photographing a Free-Swimming Blue Marlin
  203. Write a Caption, Win Some Fly Line
  204. Going High-Risk with Camera in Hand
  205. "Cool Threads" Caption Contest Winner Announced
  206. What Stops You from Joining Conservation Groups?
  207. Old-Time Practice, Young Gun Perfected
  208. Gene Discovered in Some Trout and Salmon Gives Them Chameleon Capabilities
  209. Thanksgiving Fishing Traditions
  210. Tie Talk: Something Big and Meaty for Thanksgiving
  211. Thank Goodness For...
  212. The Only 3 Bass Lures I Need
  213. And the Bear-Kiss Caption Winner Is...
  214. Muskies 1, Me...Cold, Wet, and Frustrated
  215. Tim's Fall Fishing Slide Show
  216. Those Milestone Pounds and Inches
  217. Fly Fishing Holiday Gift List
  218. Midwest Flyfishing Video Sampler
  219. New Vintage Caption Contest
  220. The Fisherman's Version of Deer Camp
  221. "Frankenfish:" An Environmental Monster in the Making
  222. 12 New Gear Items Sure to Please Anglers this Holiday Season
  223. "Thanks, Dude. I Needed That"
  224. How's Your Relationship with Freshwater Drum?
  225. The Sad Story of My Favorite Rod (That I'll Never Get to Fish)
  226. Record Yellowfin May Stand Forever
  227. Fishing The Rio Grande: Headwaters to the Gulf
  228. More Adventures in Cheap DIY Fish Taxidermy
  229. Think You Know Trout? Take Online Quiz for Chance at Dream Fishing Trip
  230. Vintage Caption Contest Winner Announced
  231. Coke Vs. Pepsi on the Troll?
  232. Master the Midge, Become A Better Fly Fisher
  233. The Fisherman's Winter Reading List
  234. A Warm Beanie Hat That's Sized Right
  235. Photographer Corey Arnold's Portraits of Commercial Fishing
  236. Save Lines, Save Money
  237. Drunk in "International Waters"
  238. How is Your Fish Spotting?
  239. Write a Caption, Win A Book and Some Original Photography
  240. It's Always Been About Learning
  241. A Visit from "Saint Fisholas"
  242. Strip Clubs, Bull Sharks, and Holiday Cheer
  243. Fly Talk is Giving Away Tickets to Denver International Sportsmen's Exhibition!
  244. Fishermen Should Never Say "Never"
  245. Three New Fly Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure
  246. Your Last Shot to Ask Santa for Fish Gear
  247. Tie Talk, Chrismas Edition
  248. Caption Contest Winner Announced!
  249. How Your Dollars Get To Fish and Wildlife
  250. Any Good Fishing Gear Under The Tree?