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  1. New Study: Global Warming Threat to Colorado River Supply
  2. Salt v. Fresh on the Fly: Same Rod, Different Sports
  3. Watch that Backcast!
  4. Reel Dumb Advice...
  5. Fishing with an iPod... Fair or Foul?
  6. Behind the Scenes: Fly Fishing Video
  7. Fly Casting Technique: Watch the Arc of your Rod.
  8. Top This: Great White Shark Caught on a Fly
  9. Summertime Fishing Slideshow
  10. A Big Croc of...
  11. Make It a Meal
  12. Merwin: Quick, Buy a Boat
  13. Cermele: Light It Up
  14. Merwin: Camo Rods?
  15. Merwin: The Joys of Kayak Fishing
  16. Dear Joe, They Stole My Muskie
  17. Caption Contest Winner Is...
  18. Merwin: Thoughts from a Lure Buyer
  19. What Makes Guides Great? (And the Grudge Match Scoreboard)
  20. A Fishing Outfit for Tough Economic Times
  21. Merwin: Lucky vs. Good
  22. Merwin: The Suggestion Box is Open
  23. My Kind of Kids Camp...
  24. New Hook Shots: I Hate Wind
  25. Bombing the High Country with Fish
  26. Merwin: Try Pike On The Fly
  27. A Real Jaw-Dropper
  28. Single-Handed Casting Distance Record Crushed
  29. Cermele: Frogs Your Way
  30. If you can't Duct it...
  31. Merwin: Baitcasters Then & Now
  32. Advice Needed on The Elements of Flyfishing, Prioritized
  33. Merwin: Hooks in Household Pets
  34. Carping for a Cause
  35. Cermele: There's A Lure In Your Beer Bottle
  36. Answer the Question, Win a Prize
  37. Merwin: All The Trimmings
  38. Video Response: Stocked Fish or Wild Native?
  39. Caption Contest: Write the Best... Win a Prize
  40. Merwin: Spinning Reels on Fly Rods
  41. Merwin: The Barbie Rod Challenge
  42. President Obama Fly Fishes
  43. Cermele: A Rod With Bite
  44. Girl Catches Huge Fish With Bare Hands
  45. Merwin: Bare Bones Taxidermy
  46. Thumbs Up: The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing
  47. Caption Contest Winner Announced
  48. Cermele: Flying Carp & Broken Jaws
  49. Free Recipes for Tying Flies...
  50. Merwin: Better Split-Rings for Bigger Fish
  51. Who Said It?
  52. Cermele: Fishermen Should Watch More Nature Shows
  53. Deeter: Tips on Tippet
  54. Merwin: Online vs. Print Magazines
  55. Video Tip: Single Hand Spey Cast
  56. Cermele: Fish That Save The Day
  57. South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam Results
  58. Merwin: Avoid Hang-Ups in Shallow Streams
  59. 540 foot Cast: Real or Fake?
  60. Merwin: What's Your Fall Fishing Game Plan?
  61. Amazing Video: Jungle Fishing in Bolivia
  62. Cermele: Catfish Eats Water Moccasin
  63. Fishing Golf Course: Fly or Conventional?
  64. Merwin: Memorable Fishing Lunches
  65. In Search of "Cinderella" Rivers...
  66. Cermele: The Clothes Pin Bass Plug
  67. Caption Contest: Write the Best... Win Gear
  68. Merwin: Pink Gear for Serious Fisherwomen?
  69. Got Fly Questions? We'll Ask the Industry at FFR
  70. Fly Box Organization: Messy or Neat?
  71. Cermele: Get The Most Out Your Food Fish
  72. Merwin: A Hook That Needs No Knot
  73. Raising Hackles with Synthetic Fly Materials...
  74. Video Tip: Small Stream Fishing
  75. Cermele: Custom Reels At Punk-Rock Prices
  76. Merwin: Sprains, Breaks, and Well-Placed Signs
  77. Merwin: Get Studs for Rubber-Soled Wading Boots
  78. Fly Fishing Retailer Show Recap...
  79. New Record Brown vs. New Record Rainbow: Apples and Oranges?
  80. Fly Fishing Retailer: Video From The Show Floor
  81. Cermele: Flea Market Tackle Shopping
  82. Merwin: The Price of "Green" Fishing
  83. The Greenback vs. Stocked Fish Debate... We Have a Winner
  84. Cermele: Do You Keep A Fishing Log?
  85. Fly Fishing Retailer: More Video From The Show Floor
  86. Merwin: Preparing for the Cape
  87. "Fly Fishing" for Elk with a Recurve Bow
  88. Fall Fishing Slide Show
  89. Merwin: Gearing Up for the Striper Surf
  90. New Hook Shots: Giant Blue Marlin
  91. Do You Care If Fish Feel Pain?
  92. Merwin: Live From Cape Cod
  93. Fishy Kids for A Fishy Planet
  94. Cermele: Does Anyone Care About Rock Bass?
  95. Pop Quiz: Trout Refuses Grasshopper, What Do You Do?
  96. Merwin: The Call of the Surf
  97. "Hookless" flies: The future of fly fishing?
  98. Merwin: Marabou Streamers for Fall Steelhead
  99. Switch Flies on Obvious Hopper Refusal!
  100. Video Tip: Tap the Rod, Look like a Pro
  101. Merwin: Does Bioline (Biodegradeable Fishing Line) Measure Up?
  102. Cermele: Thatís No Bluegill
  103. America's Greatest Non-Native Fish Species
  104. Merwin: On UV Bass Baits and How Fish See Color
  105. Adirondack Fall Fishing Slide Show
  106. Merwin: Pure Marketing Genius
  107. Fly Fishing with Mr. Moose
  108. Cermele: Giant Stripers & New Smallmouth Tricks
  109. Feeding Trout Live Terrestrials
  110. Merwin: Free Gear Doesn't Mean Good Reviews
  111. The Cycle of the Fly Angler: Where are You?
  112. Cermele: Real Men of Genius Free-Gaff Giant Mako Shark
  113. Caption Contest: Win Some Buff Headwear
  114. Why Being a Fly Fishing Guide is One of the Best Jobs in The World
  115. Merwin: Turn Your Reel Into a Distance Machine
  116. Cermele: Which Fishing Cult is the Most Insane?
  117. New Fly Fishing Movie, Rise to debut
  118. Merwin: Putting the "Fly" in Flyfishing?
  119. Fly Fishing: The New Fashion Chic?
  120. Cermele: Woman Fries And Eats Pet Goldfish After Fight With Ex-Husband
  121. Fly Photos: Real and Fake.
  122. Merwin: Free Bonefish Trip, Anyone?
  123. Debate Topic: Do Fly Line Colors Matter?
  124. Merwin: Let Your GPS Run Your Trolling Motor
  125. A River Runs Through Sprouts...
  126. A River Report Resource Worth Checking Out
  127. Merwin: Help Me Pack My Boat
  128. New "Hook Shots:" Colorado Trout Marathon
  129. Divine Intervention: The Last Supper Fly Box
  130. Cermele: Can This Bag Save Dunked Electronics?
  131. Deeter: Help Me Catch That Scum-Sucking Pig! (And win a fly rod).
  132. Merwin: On Favorite Fishing Knives
  133. "Fly" Fishing with Spider Silk and Kites
  134. Merwin: Fishing in the Danger Zone
  135. Caption Contest Winners Announced
  136. Cermele: Fish Cannibalism and Half A Great White
  137. Deeter: I'd Have Caught That Scum-Sucking Pig If...
  138. Merwin: Do Pro Bass Tournaments Promote the Sport of Fishing?
  139. Facebook for Fishing?
  140. Nominate the Best Fly Fishing State in America
  141. Merwin: Avoid Hypothermia With a Mustang Survival Jacket
  142. Scott Rods: Custom Built, Your Way
  143. Merwin: To Fish or "Tweet" About Fishing?
  144. Pick Your Poison: Chuck Bait or Get Skunked
  145. Flyfishing Video: How to Set the Hook When Trout Fishing
  146. Write the Caption, Win Yet Another Fantastic Prize...
  147. Write the Caption, Win Yet Another Fantastic Prize...
  148. Cermele: Turn Your Pick-Up Into a Fishing Machine
  149. Cermele: My Final Post as an Unmarried Man
  150. You Pick, Wild or Hatchery steelhead?
  151. Merwin: Enhance Your Brook Trout
  152. Merwin: How to Clear a Backlash on a Baitcasting Reel
  153. The Best Camp Dinner Ever
  154. Slide Show: Fall Fishing in Colorado
  155. Merwin: 100-Pound Blue Shark Caught on Barbie Rod
  156. Fins to the Left... Fins to the Right...
  157. Is Drought Still Effecting Your Fishing?
  158. Merwin: Ultimate Fishing Cars
  159. Would You Take a Photo with a Foul-Hooked Fish?
  160. Merwin: What Fish Pulls the Hardest?
  161. Fly Fishing Film Tour 2010
  162. Why Southern Flour Makes the Best Biscuits
  163. For Better Fly Fishing... Glass or Plastic?
  164. Video: Carp on the Fly
  165. Merwin: The Woes of the Boat-Manufacturing World
  166. Gotta Love Barracudas
  167. Cermele: Cold Striper Ice & Hot Honeymoon Bonefish
  168. Video Tip: Follow An Even Plane When Casting
  169. Fly Talk's Thanksgiving Wishes
  170. Merwin: Iaconelli Sells Beard for Charity
  171. Merwin: Flippancy in Fly Fishing
  172. Photo Contest: Guess The Species Win A Prize
  173. Cermele: How Do You Keep Your Hands and Feet Toasty?
  174. Fly Fishing Trade Show Takes New Direction
  175. Merwin: Solutions for Sticky Bails
  176. World Record Bonefish Pending IGFA Status
  177. Cermele: Party Boats (Freaks Shows on the Sea)
  178. Bad News For Florida Permit And Bonefish?
  179. Merwin: How do You Detect a Bite?
  180. Center Pin Steelhead!
  181. Bowfishing with Tarheel Fish Stickers
  182. Fishing Shirts: Why Polyester Is Better Than Wool
  183. Go To College, Study Fish...
  184. Cermele: Why Your Wife Will Go to Bass Pro This Christmas
  185. What "Reely" Defines Fly Fishing?
  186. Merwin: Winter Survival Tactics
  187. Largest Fish On Record Caught And Released Alive
  188. Cermele: Would You Keep an Albino Gamefish?
  189. Fly Talk Awards: Caption Contest, "Reel" Definition, and a Sign of the Impending Apoc
  190. Merwin: Please Ask Santa for this Largemouth Book
  191. Montana To Consider Bill Protecting Fish Habitat and Forest Jobs
  192. Merwin: Steelhead, Bourbon, and Lee Remick
  193. Write the Caption, Win a Prize (Last Contest of 2009!)
  194. Cermele: A Freezer Full of Mystery
  195. Holiday Fly Fishing Gifts: What Do You Want?
  196. Merwin: Electronics Drive Me Nuts
  197. "Hook Shots" Christmas Special: My Finest Failures
  198. Cermele's Finest Failures: A Hook Shots Christmas Special
  199. Fly Fishing Predictions for 2010
  200. Do Guides Really Live The "Dream"?
  201. Merwin: Circle Hook Debate Revisited
  202. Merwin: Casting is a Pain in the Shoulder
  203. Winter Practice Tip: The Snow Leader
  204. Photo Contest: Guess The Species Winner Announced
  205. Merwin: Merry Christmas To All...
  206. John Merwin's Recipe for New England Fish Chowder
  207. The Best Fly Fishing License Plates
  208. Should Tim Skip Work To Fish New Orleans?
  209. Winners of the Final Caption Contest in 2009
  210. Merwin: New Year's Resolution
  211. Take Somebody Flyfishing in 2010
  212. Merwin: Have You Gotten Your Saltwater License?
  213. Repel Biting Bugs With Your iPhone
  214. Cermele: The War on Iced Fishing Rods
  215. Fly Talk At The Fly Shows
  216. Merwin: Would You Turn Commercial For The Right Price?
  217. The Outdoors World Loses a Legend in Charlie Meyers
  218. Cermele: Raw Eyeballs and Life-Saving Lures
  219. In the Land of Cutthroats
  220. Going Hardcore for Snook of Epic Proportions
  221. Breaking News: IGFA Declares Tie for World-Record Largemouth
  222. Merwin: The Future of Bass Boats
  223. Video: Fly Fishing for Massive Muskie
  224. Updating Your Fishy Wardrobe
  225. Cermele: The Lure that "Forces" Fish to Eat
  226. Merwin: Are You Sold on Fluorocarbon?
  227. Should MA Make Striped Bass A Protected Game Fish?
  228. Cermele: Brutal Shark Attack "Tweeted" in Real Time
  229. Can You "Cast" Your Age?
  230. Merwin: I Feel Better About Fishing
  231. 90 Fly Fishing Paintings in 90 Seconds
  232. Merwin: Striped Bass Are Gamefish
  233. Five Ways to Spot More Trout
  234. Cermele: Hardcore South Korean Ice Fishing Video
  235. Cermele: The Latest in Fishing Blades
  236. Write the Caption, Win a Prize...
  237. Merwin: Even Birds Use Bread for Bait
  238. Merwin: Cape Cod Great White Travels to Jacksonville
  239. Merwin: Making Jet Skis Less Obnoxious
  240. How To Fish Like a King for 20 Bucks
  241. Retro Caption Contest: The Trophy Dolphin
  242. Florida's Cold Weather Fish Kill
  243. Merwin: Want a Boat? Build Your Own
  244. Cermele: Art Projects for Anglers
  245. Trout Unlimited Names New CEO
  246. Merwin: Are Some Electronics Unfair to Fish?
  247. Winter Doldrums Redfish Slide Show
  248. Best Types of Fly Rod, Reel, and Line for Beginners
  249. Merwin: Watch Out for Beetles in Your Fly Tying Gear
  250. Merwin: What's Your Line?